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Massage needs no introduction as it is something that has been existing for centuries even though it has undergone a lot of modifications and some elements have been incorporated into it. Today’s massage is not just about the healing therapy of bones and joints as it were traditionally, the fun aspect has been added to it.

What this means is that people can now get massage not because they are having pains all over their body but to explore the world of fun and passion. Massage can be seen from a relaxation and enjoyment point of view and people can capitalize on it to have the fun of their lives.

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy has now been incorporated into main stream treatment options due to its numerous benefits. It is a hands on techniques that helps to solve a lot of problems in the human body. Massage therapy may be worth exploring especially in situations where a person is tensed and need some kind of release or when there is injury to the nerve tissue that affects the body. Whatever the case, the case for massage is not in doubt because it has a whole lot of benefits as we can see below.

  • Relaxation: This is probably one of the most important reasons to have a massage. Due to the busy schedule and fast paced movements in the society today, the stress level for a lot of people keep going higher and higher and sometimes becomes uncontrollable. There is no doubt that massage therapy can help in this case. It is important to note that when a person gets stressed up or when the body is tensed, there is a high chance that it will produce a high level of stress hormones that is very unhealthy to the body.

This stress hormone known as cortisol is known to play a destructive role in the body. For instance, cortisol contributes to digestive system problems, sleeplessness, weight gain and even headaches. It is important to note that massage therapy has been known to reduce the cortisol level in the body. This will help the body to recover and produce the desired relaxation that makes function well. A well relaxed body will go a long way to improve mood as well as reduce the stress level in the system. This is one of the most important benefits of massage because it works on the body system.

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Lower Blood Pressure

There reality is that there are a lot of things that can trigger high blood pressure in today’s world. Therefore, it is not actually surprising to find that there is an increase in blood pressure in a lot of people. However, the good news is that a good massage therapy can go a long way to reduce the blood pressure levels. In fact, studies have shown that massage is one of the ways in which the higher and lower number blood pressure can be reduced.

Besides, one important thing to note about massage in this regard is that when done consistently, it goes a long way to reduce those things that trigger depression, hostility, anxiety and tension. If blood pressure are reduced to the normal range, it will go a long way to reduce the problem associated with health issues like kidney failure, stroke as well as heart attack.

Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Due to the kind of jobs most people do, there is always a possibility of having muscle and joint pains. However, the good thing is that massage has a way of targeting the source of these pains and eliminating the tensed muscles thereby providing the desired muscle relaxation to the affected muscles and your whole body is set free at the end. Another thing the massage does in this regard is to promote circulation to the muscles which then increase the oxygen and nutrients to the affected muscles. With this, there would be a decrease in stiffness as well as edema.

Massage is also known to release endorphins which is a pain killing hormone that boats the serotine levels in the body. In fact, it is important to note that the hormones affect the body in a lot of ways both emotionally and physically. For example, it increases the feeling of euphoria, manage pain, calm nerves as well as promote healing.

Improve Posture

It is important to note that massage can improve posture. There is no doubt that a lot of people experience pains at the neck, back and muscle and some of these are through a lot of sources like posture. Note that poor posture is one of the major sources of pains. In fact, some chronic pains that even leads to disability is often cause as a result of poor posture. The kind of repetitive work some people do can cause bad posturing and lead to pains.

The good news is that massage therapy can make things better by getting the body back to proper alignment. What the massage will likely do in this case is to allow the body to relax so as to loosen the body from the tensed muscles that came about through bad posture. The body will then position itself in a pain free posture. In fact, massage therapy in this case will correct the movements and position that has been developed overtime as a reaction to the pain it acquired.

Strengthen Body Immune System

With all these listed above, one thing is sure if massage is done regularly and that is the improvement of the person’s immune system. Since it has been established that regular massage reduces stress, improves blood circulation and aid relaxation, all these combine to combine to strengthen and boast the immune system. Besides, massage can also become a great addition to your fitness and exercise program. For instance, a regular physical exercise has a way of keeping the body fine-tuned, massage will then improve the immune system, keep it strong and resilient. This is a big bonus to the body system.

Vip massages in Madrid

VIP Massage Madrid

Having seen the benefits of massage, the reality is that everyone needs a massage whether it is for healing purposes of for relaxation and enjoyment. There are places where one can get a massage and they are called massage centers or massage parlors.

There are places opened to the public to get their desired massage therapy. These places boasts of top notch facilities, well trained massage therapists with the required knowledge of how to give massage to the receiver. Massage centers over a lot of different massage therapies and anybody can make their choice depending on what they want to achieve.

However, one thing that must be noted about massage centers is that they are open to all. This means that everyone can get a massage no matter the status and personalities. However, it is important to note that a lot of massage centers offer VIP massage to some very important personalities that would not want to be part of the common massage system of these centers. A VIP massage ensures that the receiver is given some kind of preferential treatment that covers both their privacy and other important considerations.

VIP massage are handled by the best of the massage therapists available in a massage center. For instance, in placing like Madrid where there are a lot of very important personalities aiming to catch the fun and relaxation afforded in the city, a VIP massage will be the best option for this category of people.

There could be sections of the massage center that caters for VIPs when they come for massage or this massage can also be done as an outcall massage or hotel massage depending on the choice of the VIP in question. At the end of the day, the VIP enjoys all the benefits of massage, the privacy and the special treatment that comes with the package.

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People Who Could Subscribe to VIP Massage

It is important to note that a VIP massage would cost more than a regular massage and as such will attract some category of people. Most times, the choice of VIP massage for this category of people is as a result of the circumstances surrounding them. For instance, for politically exposed people, there is nothing wrong in getting a massage but due to the nature of their job or office, getting a VIP massage becomes the best choice. VIP massage would attract the following set of people.


It is important to note that celebrities are always in the news and followed by a lot of people and as such are always careful in where they appear and what they do. A celebrity is also not expected not to enjoy the benefit of having a massage because of a lot of people following him or her. However, a VIP massage package is always a good idea since it gives them a special treatment that may not be obtainable in an ordinary massage session.

Politically Exposed Persons

People regarded as politically exposed persons are those in government who should be wary of their movements. In this case, a VIP massage is always the best options as they are catered for specially. In Madrid, there are massage centers that cater for this category of people to ensure that their safety and privacy is guaranteed while they enjoy all the pleasure that is afforded in a massage center.

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Preparing for a VIP Massage

Every massage session is expected to be prepared for adequately to make it a success and VIP massage is not different. In fact, due to the kind of people involved in a VIP massage, it is important that the preparation is top notch. One thing that must be noted is that a VIP massage is expensive when compared to other kinds of massage and as a result, it is expected that a lot of things are put in place in order to make it pleasurable for the receiver. As part of the preparation, the following should be considered.

Right Environment

Like every other type of massage, getting the right environment is very important because it has the potential to ruin the whole session if it is not right. For a VIP massage that normally cost more than an ordinary massage, it is important to ensure that the environment is right and this include sorting out things like security of the VIPs, privacy protection and everything that would ensure that the integrity of the exercise is protected.

Get the Right Massage Tools

For every massage, there are tools that must be used to get it done and it is important to get the right ones. The most important tool for massage is the massage oil and it is the foundation of a successful massage. It is important to note that what the massage does is to help the hands glide and slide very easy over the body in such a way that does not become painful to the receiver as a result of friction. There are oils that are not suitable for massage but it is better to get the right one.

Understanding the Techniques

The giver must understand the techniques for the massage in order to give a good massage. However, this is not always a problem especially for good massage centers in Madrid as they employ the services of professionals who have mastered the art of giving all kinds of massage.

VIP Massages in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the fun capitals of the world. It is a liberal city with a lot of activities and one popular thing in the city is the presence of massage centers. There are top class massage centers in Madrid like HotelMassag© known to offer top notch massage services and one of them is VIP massage to very important personalities. It is important to note that VIP massage is not restricted to massage centers, they can also be done in the comfort of the receiver’s private abode, the most important thing is to get the right massage therapists from a reputable massage center.

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