Have you ever been to Málaga? If No, that simply means you are missing a lot. Malaga is fortified with history. In fact, this city is the second most occupied city in Andalusia. In the last ten years, this city has helped the world in the aspect of fashion with art galleries. This has made people from different countries to be attracted to this city in Spain. However, you need to book your hotel as you visit this city.

Panoramic view from Malaga

Dulces Dreams

Dulces Dreams has made it norms to bring comfort to guest and yet make it affordable. This hotel features modern decoration, the rooms are well designed and yet the price is at the reasonable amount. Their staffs are humorous and this is what added to the qualities of the hotel. The staffs are always glad to render help to any problem. Rooms in this hotel are well-designed using a classical theme. There are facilities that make the hotel to be lively such as restaurant, pool, e.t.c

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Sunset in Malaga

Hotel Soho Málaga

Hotel Soho Málaga is a popular hotel in Malaga where you can enjoy the authentic and classical hotel service which resulted in happy staying. This hotel in question is situated in the Soho district known with there historical worth, however, this has made this estate to be secured and protected. However, the Hotel Soho is situated in the Malaga. Not only that, the hotel is very close to anywhere you wish to visit. The rooms are perfectly decorated and elegant. Fast free wifi is available, breakfast is available every morning and delicious, outdoor parking is also available, cafeteria and reception are available 24/7.

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Church in Málaga

Hotel Molina Lario

Hotel Molina Lario is regarded as 4-star hotel in Malaga which is perfectly located in Malaga central facing the Cathedral. It is not far away from the port. There are103 rooms available and the rooms are comfortable and well-designed. This hotel in question features six equipped meeting rooms which can occupy two hundred and twenty people which is normal for receptions and meetings. The rooms are well furnished and equipped. However, there is an availability of bar and restaurant where there is a delicious meal and also several wines which you will enjoy.

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Sea and bikes in Malaga

Hotel Room Mate Larios

In Malaga shopping street, this hotel was located on the corner of this street. There is the availability of museums and restaurants where you can eat delicious food. Hotel Room Mate Larios is a 4-star hotel, in 1994, this hotel was established. However, they have maintained a standard reputation to ensure their guest enjoy the best. This hotel is well designed and charming. In the city of Malaga, the building of the hotel is one of the famous and noteworthy building. The rooms of the hotel are well-designed and the bar is elegant. There is the availability of entertainment spot every evening and breakfast is available every morning. Majority of the rooms are well spaced having views of the surrounding and the views covering the street. They offer a good service to ensure their guests are comfortable.

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Cathedral in Malaga center

Vincci Selection Posada del Patio

With no doubt, this is a 5-star hotel that provides guests with many facilities which make their stay to be luxurious in the city of Malaga. However, this hotel is beneficial to those that want to relax or explore the city of Malaga. There are several suites which are private and also restaurant availability where you. can eat. The business meeting is possible in this hotel because there are many functional rooms. The main attractive centre is not far away from where the hotel is located. Rooms are designed in the contemporary style while guest can walk around the city during the day and relax in Vinci Selectión Posada del Patio as they feel comfortable just like home.

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Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro

This hotel is one the popular hotel where you can see mountains and Mediterranean sea. However, it is a nice place to be as you enjoy the view of the environment. This hotel offers different rooms which are elegant, a pool is also available with a rooftop. There is a restaurant where you can eat Andalusian food, and also international wines are available. Rooms are designed in Spanish styles which makes the room to be beautiful.

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Alcazaba in Malaga

Oasis Backpackers Hostel Málaga

Oasis Backpackers Hostel Málaga is a known hotel which offers a comforting environment and rooms. This hotel has a hostel which is always lively and the dormitory features 4 to 10 beds with quality mattresses, this will make your stay to be comfortable. More also, there is the availability of bathrooms and lockers for each guest. Breakfast is free for each guest and there are lounges where you can meet with different travellers from different countries.

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Sea in Malaga

Hotel Petit Palace Plaza Málaga

This hotel is popularly regarded as the family and friends hotel. This hotel is a 4-star hotel and their service provides more comfort to the guests which are travellers and couples. In fact, this hotel is perfect for a family– they offer an area for pets, and there is special treatment given to kids. Whenever you and your family are going to Malaga, this hotel is perfect for your stay. The hotel equipped the rooms with TV’s and bathrooms. Rooms are decorated, the staffs are friendly and are ready to make you happy throughout your stay in Malaga.

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Bullring in Malaga

Hotel Cortijo de la Reina

This Hotel is traditionally designed in the Andalusian style and this hotel is made up of two buildings. Rooms in this hotel are cosy and others are like a fireplace. There is a pool, tennis court which is outside the hotel. This is for the purpose of entertainment. More also, the restaurant is available where you can eat regional food after the sunset.

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View from Malaga city

Casa Babylon Backpackers Hostel

This is the happiest hostel in the world as they claim. This hotel offers a welcoming atmosphere for guests. The staffs are always glad to teach guests about the city. This is the hotel where you can meet travellers, rooms are also available apart from the dorms.

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