Madrid is a city in Spain, and a place where people enjoy and catch fun with their lovers. There are a lot of good hotels in this city where you can stay, enjoy yourself and feel comfortable. The purpose of this article is to highlight these top hotels in the city of Madrid.

Hotel Wellington In Madrid

This hotel was launched in the year 1952, since that very year, any important people have chosen this hotel to be their favorite across the city. It was not just that this hotel was just crown to be a five-star hotel in Madrid! But their first class service is what makes many royal families to choose them as the favorite. Rooms in this hotel are not only luxurious but also clean and spacious. Also, there is a pool which is jointed to the hydrotherapy pool. There are several places where you can dine which are: Basque restaurant and Michelin-starred.

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Metro station in Madrid

Westin Palace In Madrid

Enjoying the fullness of luxury is when you visit this hotel especially in the summer. This hotel is opposite to Prado and brings comfort and relaxation to the soul of the people in Madrid. This is a first class hotel in Madrid as the rooms are well decorated, moving out of the room into another is like you are out of the world to a paradise. Not only that, There are various restaurant especially “La Rotonda” which is where people meet each other for coffee throughout the day. The hotel also has a gym centre where guest and locals can exercise. Each room in the hotel are well-designed and contain bathrooms which are made of marble.

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Gran Via in Madrid

NH Collection Madrid Suecia

At the center of Madrid, this hotel is located on a street outside the “Gran Vía”. This hotel is popularly known as Sueza. If you want to eat a better delicacy such as cecina air-dried beef, smoked tuna, coca flatbread, there is an Oyster bar where you can enjoy that delicacy. This is another top hotel in Madrid.

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Debod Temple in Madrid

Hotel Urban

This hotel is equipped with different facilities that make you to enjoy your days staying there. These facilities include swimming pool that is seasonal, free wifi, car park, spacious room. However, they allow you to come along with your pets and this makes people that love their pet to choose hotel urban as their favorite. More also, their staffs are so friendly and their breakfast is very good. This hotel has a good design and it is elegant, making it a comfortable place for guest to spend their holidays.

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Madrid at night

Relais / Châteaux Orfila

Relais / Châteaux Orfila is a first class hotel that is located in a city of Spain known as Madrid. This hotel is some miles(1.7) away from the center. Also, “2.2” miles away from the Stadium called “Vicente Calderón”. This hotel has a view showing the garden. Not only that, there is an excellent restaurant where you can have your meal, you can also drink from the bar.

Some rooms in this hotel are with bathrooms and sitting rooms, hereby making it so convenient for guest.  There are free hair dryers also with toiletries which can make your stay to be more comfortable.

This hotel is highly rated in Madrid because you will definitely get the best value for your money.

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House of America in Madrid

Vincci The Mint

This hotel hit the spot on my list, it was rated to be part of the 5 stars hotels in the city of Madrid which has a free Wifi for you to access the internet. They also provide accommodation and the hotel has a bar where guests can get a drink for enjoyment.

This hotel has claimed that some of their rooms have a sitting room where guests can relax and feel convenient. There are also toiletries which are available in each room to make the guest feel more comfortable.

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Plaza de Toros in Madrid

Catalonia Las Cortes

Do you really know El Prado museum? If yes, this particular hotel is not far from this museum. They offer first class services, most of their rooms are air-conditioned with free Wifi. The rooms are decorated. In each room, there is a coffee machine together with a kettle and as well there is restaurant available for guests to eat all sort of international foods. They also have a snacks section where you can take tea with salad and sandwiches.

Everything here is classic and elegant. Hereby, making you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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Typical Spanish bar in Madrid

Hotel Artiem Madrid

Convention Center is like 2.4 miles away from this hotel in Madrid. It is also part of the top hotel in Madrid as their services are excellent and their workers are very friendly to guest. They provide you with free Wifi which gives you the privilege to access the internet at no cost, there is also private parking available for you as a guest. There are bars where you can get drinks, their rooms also have sitting rooms where you can relax when you are stressed up. Flat screen television is also in the sitting room for you to watch movies or entertain yourself.

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Madrid in winter

Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques

This hotel is in some yards far away from the royal palace in the city of Madrid. This hotel has a gym center where guest normally do some exercise and gymnastics. The rooms in this hotel is luxurious and featured with some facilities such as bathroom, toiletries, rain shower inside the bathroom, free internet connection (Wi-Fi). There are three restaurants where you can enjoy both the French and Spanish wines. Not only that, there are bars sited where you can get hot tea anytime you like.

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Top 10 best hotels in Madrid City

Eurostars Madrid Tower

This is a fantastic hotel with a lots of facilities which include free Wi-Fi for browsing, a bar where you can get your tea, massage center where you can easily relax your muscle and also catch fun. The rooms are well arranged with pillows, also with advance bathroom which is spacious.

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