Sevilla which is the largest city and also a capital of Andalusia, across the province of Seville in Spain. Truth be told, Seville is a lovely place to spend your weekend or holidays. However, you must book the best hotel where you will enjoy every moment of your stay in Seville. Booking the best hotel may be difficult as there are a lot of hotels in the city of Seville. Oh, you don’t need to be bothered; choose out of the below top 10 hotels.

Tower Cajasol in Sevilla

Hotel Alfonso XIII

This hotel is one of the best hotel in Spain; not only one of the top 10 in Sevilla. However, hotel (Alfonso XIII) is positioned at the “Seville’s Real Alcazares” It is a classical hotel as this features swimming pool which is outside the hotel (Outdoor). There is a courtyard in the hotel, and a gym is also present. The hotel is basically designed in a unique styling known as “Arabic arches”. Ceramic tiles are used to make the styling to be more attractive. In fact, all rooms in this hotel are designed with the Arabic arches with ceramic tiles. Air conditioning is present in each room, there is an availability of small fridge which contains snacks and some drinks. Free WiFi is also available in each room, bathrobe is also in each room. After the swimming pool, there is a restaurant where you can eat the sweetest snacks and also drink the quality wine. There is another restaurant available in the hotel where you can eat your breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Hotel Alfonso XIII Website

Sevilla colours

Hotel Amadeus & La Musica

This hotel is situated in some yards away from the Santa Cruz district– Seville cathedral. In this hotel, there is air-conditioner in each room. More also, there is free WiFi and TV where you can watch a movie. The welcoming pattern of this hotel is unique as they offer a free welcoming drink to there guests. Not only that, musical instruments are also available which is usually played inside the soundproofed room. The hotel features bathroom in each room and there are bathrobes and hairdryer. Meanwhile, there is some bathroom with shower and other facilities. There is a library in the hotel which is made available for guest.

Hotel Amadeus Website

Architecture in Seville Andalusia

Hotel Palacio De Villapanés

This hotel offers a free internet connection known as WiFi, garden terrace and also with a roof pool. However, each room in this hotel is more spacious using a stylish furnishing and the floors wooden. Tv satellite is installed in each room with air conditioner. More also, each room also has a bathroom with bathrobes and other things needed.

The hotel serves delicious breakfast, although you will need to pay extra charges. There is also a restaurant where you eat a traditional delicacy.

Palacio de Villapanés Website

Alcazaba in Seville

EME Catedral

Hotel EME Catedral is one of the top 10 hotels in Seville as they claim to offer free WiFi connection and other facilities. Spa, swimming pool with the roof are also present in the hotel.

The hotel claim to have about four different restaurants where you can eat your breakfast, launch and dinner. More also, there are many rooms available in which all the rooms are designed in the modern style having flat screen Tv. The environment of the hotel is attractive having a panoramic view of the Seville cathedral.

Eme Catedral Website

Fernando III

Hotel Fernando III features free internet connection(WiFi)  and swimming pool which is seasonal. The rooms in this hotel are more comfortable because of the air conditioning and good space of the rooms. More also, the restaurant is available where you can eat different delicacies. There are other facilities available in the hotel Fernando Il which will make your stay to be fun

Hotel Fernando III Website

City of Sevilla

Hotel Bécquer

This hotel is another top hotel which offers free internet access and there is air condition in each room of the hotel. Not only that, each of the room also has a minibar and private bathroom where you can make use of the hairdryer. A flat-screen television is available in the room and the use of other gadgets such as a laptop, DVD, e.t.c, is always available for guest whenever they need it.

Hotel Becquer Website

Sevilla hotel architecture

Hotel Las Casas de la Judería

If you are the type that values traditions, then Hotel Las Casas de la Judería will be your choice. In fact, everything about this hotel is basically about traditions. Judería features a swimming pool with a roof, traditional Andalusian and spa. You can easily locate this hotel at the neighbourhood of Seville Santa Cruz which is also an area of Seville known to be the former Jewish quarter. However, all the rooms in this hotel are decorated in a traditional way having its floor to be wooden.

Las Casas de la Judería Website

Don Paco

Hotel Don Paco is in established at the centre of Seville. The hotel is not far away from Giralda Tower; it will take you ten minutes or thereabouts from the cathedral down to this hotel. This hotel offers a swimming pool with roof and also with a classical view.

Don Paco hotel is well designed, especially the rooms which is fortified with air condition and flat-screen satellite television. There is an availability of restaurant where you can eat both international dishes and local delicacy. Free internet access is available and you can as well hire bicycle or car at a specific charge.

Hotel Don Paco Website

Spanish square in Sevilla

Ayre Hotel Sevilla

This hotel is outlined, particularly the rooms which is sustained with cool and level screen satellite TV. There is an accessibility of eatery where you can eat snacks and also breakfast. Free WiFi to access the internet and there is also a gym and swimming pool outside the hotel which is seasonal.

Ayre Hotel Website

Spain city of Sevilla

Ribera de Triana

Hotel Ribera de Triana offers free internet access and all the rooms have enough spaces with a quality bed sheet. Satellite television is available in each room, a minibar is also available. With no doubt, it is one of the hotels you will love to visit again.

Ribera de Triana Website

Finally, the list above are the top 10 hotels in Seville where you can enjoy the first class service or your holiday whenever you visit Sevilla in Spain.