Marbella is known to be a city in Spain, and also a municipality in southern Spain. However, this belongs to the Málaga province in the community of Andalusia. Marbella is a city that always bubbles throughout the whole year, and this has been a city of focus for the travellers. Mostly tourists also like to visit Marbella, in fact, it is one of the most visited city for holiday travellers. However, they will need to book a hotel for the number of days they will be staying. Hotel booking in the city of Marbella is not that complicated, but yet, this article will guide you. These are the top 10 hotels in Marbella where you can enjoy your holidays and make fun.

Yachts in Marbella port

Contemporary 1 Bedroom Luxury Apt inside Puerto Banus

This hotel is about three miles away from Marbella Bus Station and it is rated as the best hotel in Marbella. It features a bedroom with air conditioning and free access to the internet. This hotel offers apartment including living room. There is flat-screen television inside, fortified with kitchen and a dining area, bathroom and washing machine is present Parking is also allowed in the apartment.

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Afternoon in Marbella

Nobu Hotel Marbella

This hotel features 81 rooms and it is known to be a pleasurable paradise where adult guest enjoy their holiday anytime they travel down to Marbella. It features Japanese-inspired and voguish interiors, there are collections of restaurants in this hotel. However, this hotel provides quality service for the guests. Nobu hotel is fortified with many facilities such as free internet access, spa, the beach is available. The bedrooms are well spaced with ambient light. Tennis court and fitness centre is also available.

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Beautiful sunset in Marbella Spain

Hotel Claude

Hotel Claude is also known in Marbella as one of the top 10 hotels which offer quality service especially their staffs. However, guests have access to the spa, the pool is also present inside a nearby complex. There is an availability of free internet connection which is regarded as WiFi. There are 7 standard rooms which are fortified with hairdryer, TV screen, quality bed and bathrobes. The restaurant is also available where you can eat fresh delicacy, fresh juice, Spanish meal, e.t.c

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Marbella sea sunset

Villa Padierna Palace Hotel

Whenever it comes to luxury, Villa Padierna Palace offers necessary facilities to ensure that guests really enjoy their visit. This hotel has one hundred and thirty-seven rooms which are classically designed though not equally fortified. This hotel features mountains view, marble bathrooms. You will not starve when you are in this hotel, a restaurant is available where you can eat any Spanish dishes that you want. Every moment in this hotel is fun, free WiFi is also available but not free for guests with basic service as they will need to pay extra charges (token).

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San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella

Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort

This hotel is rated as one of the best hotel property in Marbella, as a guest are really enjoying their money. Marbella Beach Resort is furnished and well designed including balcony, television, cd player, laundry room and bathroom are also made available. In fact, this luxurious property is located in the front of the beach.

There are two swimming pool both inside and outside the apartment where the guest can access anytime they visited the hotel. Guest can also access the fitness centre.

There are restaurant, bar and supermarket where guests can buy all that they want.

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Boats in Marbella

Hotel Lima

Hotel Lima is one of the perfect hotels in Marbella, located at the centre of Marbella. However, as it is situated at the centre of the city, it doesn’t take enough time to move down to the place as it is perfectly positioned at the centre which is not far away from the seafront. This simply means that guests can easily access the beach. With no doubt, this hotel has no pool and the top terrace did not feature the view of the city “Marbella” but only the sea views. The rooms in Hotel Lima are elegant and decorated. Their staffs are friendly to the guest, at least this makes them be one of the most rated hotels by the tourists.

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Nature in Marbella Malaga

La Villa Marbella

At the centre of the old town of the city, La Villa Marbella is located. La Villa the hotel features 7 houses of a high standard with a quality design, thereby making guests feel comfortable in their stay. This hotel offers free Wifi and Spa is available. However, the guest rooms are fortified with many facilities making them feel comfortable, also the guest houses cover the Sierra Blanca Mountain views and the old town views.

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Top 10 hotels in Marbella

Sunny Dom Holiday Villa

This hotel is known for their quality service, guests rated their service as one of the best in Spain as they usually feel at home whenever they visit this hotel. Staffs are always ready to attend to anything you need. Each room in Sunny Dom Hotel is decorated in the modern style as it covers the surroundings view and the sea respectively. The hotel features restaurants, bar, cafés and more.

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Sunset in Marbella beach

Puerta de Aduares Hotel Boutique

There is no doubt, guests enjoy all moments in Puerta de Aduares as it was at the centre of the city of Marbella Old Town. The hotel offer restaurants, bars and also beaches are available. However, as the hotel is in the old town of Marbella; the hotel is designed in the Spanish style. The rooms in this hotel cover the surrounding view. Staffs are friendly and they are always available to assist. Guests enjoy good comfort in this hotel and they many of them love to come back to this hotel in the second time.

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Marbella beach

Marina Mariola Marbella

Marina Mariola is situated very close to the beach which is along the way of Golden Mile. This contains one to three bedroom suites which include either terrace(sea view) or balcony. In fact, each suite has different space for guest living, and the hotel features a lot of facilities such as pool which is opposite to the beach, swimming pool is outside the hotel, sauna is also present, and also a gym.

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