Spain is known to be a country where you can get the best fun that you need. People from different country find themselves travelling down to Spain for holiday or weekends. Many of them prefer the city “Barcelona”. Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain and it is known to be one of the top-rated tourist centers in the world. This is due to their cultural centers, fair market and good economy. Not only that, there are several tourist centers where you can visit for both entertainment and learning. Due to this fact, different people love to spend their time in Barcelona. However, it is certain that they will need to get where to lodge for a couple of days their going to stay in the city– they find it difficult to choose out of the thousands of hotel in Barcelona which is the best.

Truth be told, there are several hotels in Barcelona; each with there way of rendering service to the guest. If you are looking for the top hotels in Barcelona where you can get the five-star service needed throughout your stay in the city, then you need to read carefully on the top hotels below. For instance, if you are a kind of person that loves massage, it means you will need a hotel with Spa. In fact, most of the top hotels in Barcelona get Spa where you can easily visit to get the message that you want. The type of hotel that you book in Barcelona will determine the degree of your enthusiasm. Top 10 hotels are discussed below which you can book anyone that suite your need.

Barcel hotel ciudad vella

1. Hotel Arts Barcelona

This is the first on my list “Hotel Arts Barcelona” this hotel is situated in one of the two skyscrapers which can be seen near Port Olímpic and La Barceloneta. In this hotel, you will enjoy a lot of amenities such as the pool and Spa which have the Balearic Sea vistas. Not only that, you will definitely see the picturesque waterside right from all the rooms available in this hotel. More also, all the entire suites and guest rooms contain contemporary interiors, included with bathrooms. Each bathroom is having separate shower system, free Wi-Fi is also available. To make your stay to be more fun as you want! There is an availability of hotel’s club lounge which you can go for you to catch fun before you start exploring Barcelona in the following day.

Hotel Arts Website

Panoramic view in Barcelona

2. El Palace

El Palace really worth the royal tag as the name is being called. Travelers from different countries noted this hotel for their elegant guest rooms which are of stone fireplaces. Not only that, also with crystal chandeliers, other modern amenities are also present which include the minibar, flat-screen TVs for watching different movies, bathrooms with different showers are made to be available for complete comfort ability. The five-star service of this hotel is 100%; as several guests that visited this hotel always felt they were treated like a king and queen throughout their stay. This hotel is not far away to the attraction places such as the central shopping, Picasso Museum and many more. The hotel also has a restaurant where you can eat all kind of food that you want. This hotel is excellent as far as five-star service is concerned.

Hotel Palace Website

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3. Mandarin Oriental

The beauty of this hotel is the service of the staff to the guest. Many travelers have noted the friendly and helping nature of their staff to be a most memorable aspect of their trip down to Barcelona. The rooms are very comfortable with flat-screen TVs, bathrooms, gardens. Other amenities such as lounge and pool including the indoor pool, Spa where you can do your yoga.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Website

Barcelona panoramic Spain

4. Alma Hotel

This hotel is also one of the top rated hotel in Barcelona with five-star service. The guest rooms are fortified with free Wi-Fi access, advance bathroom setup and beds with a lot of mattresses. This is put in place to make guests to feel at home and completely comfortable. There is also the availability of on-site Spa where you can relax and reduce stress, it is completed with a pool, and several massage treatments are available. Also, there is also a fitness center where you can do exercises.

Alma Hotel Website

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5. Serras Hotel

The Serras Hotel was placed in between the Barcelona and Barri Gòtic which is a neighboring city near the Barceloneta, also the aquarium. The rooms in the hotel are well arranged with standardized amenities such as smart TVs, showers, coffee machines, free Wi-Fi. Guest can upgrade to a better room with more spaces and balconies. Their staffs are also friendly with guests, there are restaurants where you easily get your desired meal at any time you feel like.

Hotel The Serras Website

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6. Mercer Hotel

This hotel only has just twenty-eight rooms and suites, if you really want a better boutique experience in Barcelona– Mercer hotel should be your choice. However, it is situated in the Barcelona Goth Quarter. The hotel is not far away from several tourist centers, shops and restaurants. Though, the hotel has a specially designated restaurant with bar, a lounge and outdoor pool. You will also enjoy their facilities such as a library, spa center, business center, free Wi-Fi, etc.

Hotel Mercer Website

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7. Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel is located alongside with the shopping street that is in Passeig de Gracia. In fact, this hotel is not outside many entertainment gestures which are not far away, you will enjoy many dishes of your choice as “El Restaurante De Majestic” provides a meal that is mainly for the Mediterranean. Not only that, there is an availability of spa centre with a standard treatment. Rooms in Majestic hotel are well furnished with luxurious designs such as modern shower, coffee machines (Nespresso), etc. There is also free internet connection for your devices (Wi-Fi).

Hotel Majestic Website

Hotel massage in Barcelona city

8. Hotel Neri

This hotel is also one of the top hotels on the list. This hotel is meant for modern-day travelers, there are modern day facilities such as Bluetooth speakers in the rooms with free Wi-Fi connection.

Hotel Neri Website

Barcelona guadi hotel

9. Casa Fuster Hotel

The entire ten rooms at this hotel are equipped with free Wi-Fi, coffee machines and minibars. The designs are made with traditional materials with contemporary styles.

Hotel Casa Fuster Website

Barcelona downtown

10. Hotel Omm

If you want a luxurious design, comfortable and entertaining gestures throughout your stay in Barcelona, Hotel Omm will be a good choice. The rooms are standard and fortified with facilities such as Wi-Fi, minibars, bathroom with shower, etc.

Hotel Omm Website