Spain happens to be a place where a lot of people love spending their holiday. One of the things that makes holidaying in Spain worthwhile is that it boast of top class hotels. However, there are people who find it difficult to easily pick the best of over hundreds of hotel in the country “Spain” where they can enjoy first class fun and relaxation. Here in this article, I will list out the top 10 hotels that can be found in Spain.

Palma de Mallorca beach

Park Hyatt Mallorca

This hotel is located in the eastern coast of Mallorca. This hotel is newly established and it outshines Canyamel valley which happens to be one of the most popular place in Spain. Not only that, it also offers the view found in Canyamel also in Balearic Sea. This hotel claimed to have more than one hundred and forty two rooms with good spacing and loveable guest rooms assigned together with sixteen unique suites that is well designed. Everything in this hotel is known to be sophisticated and comfortable.

Palma de Mallorca port

ST. Regis Mardavall Mallorca

This hotel hit the number two spot on my list and it was ranked as a five star hotel in the world most especially in Europe. Though the price is high but yet you will see what you are paying for because of their awesome services, the weather, environment and the food. More also, butler service that is rendered in the hotel is so pleasing and their bed is comfortable and properly arranged. Breakfast in the hotel is what you will enjoy.

The interested part about the hotel is its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea which thrill people whenever they visit the hotel. There are one hundred and thirty three rooms in the hotel with enough space, it is very luxury to wake up in such a wonderful room and you saw the sea. It is very cool and very interesting, people rush down as everything about the inn is awesome.

Barcelona gaudi building

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

This is the third on the list and also the first in Barcelona. This Mandarin Oriental Hotel is known to be the newest with their special and ultra-design. This hotel is well organized with a good structure. In fact, the ceiling in all the ninety three rooms are mirror and twenty eight suites. In Barcelona, this hotel is situated in a place where people love to visit “Passeig de Gràcia” In Orientalis. Not only that, Mandarin is one of the best hotel that people prefer in Barcelona. People enjoy the stunning view of the Casa Batlló. Truth be told, they also present a wonderful service which will make you to enjoy your stay in the hotel. It is also a five star hotel in Spain because of the classical luxury.

Guggenheim Bilbao Spain

Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao

This is another five star hotel in Spain, this hotel faced the popularly known Museum “Guggenheim” which simply express an ancient concept. However, this hotel cover the views of the ancient museum and its environment making the guests to enjoy the contemporary concept and designs. Gran Domine Bilbao hotel has about one hundred and forty five rooms together with suites. Not only that, those rooms are well spaced, also comes with the modern that view Atrium, most especially the contemporary museum.

W Hotel in Barcelona

W. Barcelona

This hotel was situated in the waterfront region of the most dynamic and stylish city in Spain, This hotel has four hundred and thirty seven loving guest rooms also with suites, this hotel claimed to have a cumbersome structure that face the Mediterranean sea. Viewing the live sailing right from your room which is better than seeing the modern day art design and it makes the hotel to be luxurious.

Palma de Mallorca beach

Cap Rocat

This hotel was formerly known to be military lodge but later changed it to a loving hotel. This hotel was situated in Palma de Mallorca. In this hotel there room are classify into 3 groups and this hotel has about twenty four standard rooms with first class services. This is a five star hotel, there are rooms for soldiers, private room and the general room (The three classes of their rooms).

Marques De Riscal

In 2006, this hotel was unveiled and it was also known to be a five star hotel in Elciego. This hotel has Tilted walls with cathedral height ceiling. Not only that, the windows are zigzag in all its forty three rooms with suite.

Four towers in Madrid at night

Westin Palace Madrid

This hotel was designated with the aim of offering a pleasant services to the dignitaries. This hotel has passed through series of renovation for the past 85years. Even this was among the oldest hotel in Spain but still secure its position to be among the top 10 hotel in Spain. This hotel is placed in the interior core of the city and that is in-between the Parliamentary / Thyssen Museum. This hotel has claimed to have four hundred and sixty seven guest rooms also with the suites which are furnished, decorated with the glowing marble.

Valencia, Spain

Westin Valencia

Westin Valencia is one of the hotel that has a modern day structure
as it was constructed using modernized style. This hotel enjoys the full attention from people due to its location. It has about one hundred and thirty five clean rooms with art styling, also with suites that is having relaxing and warm environment. There are many light which are natural in each rooms. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this hotel as it was rated to be one of the five star hotels.

Finca Cortesin Hotel

One of the smartest hotel in the country of Spain is Finca Cortesin Hotel, as it was known to be. The atmosphere is very cool and comfortable as there is enough spacboth inside the rooms and outside. Not only that, there are restaurants and massage centers where you can easily relax yourself. Guests claim that this hotel is place where they will like to visit more again because they really enjoyed their time.