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A lot of people know about massage and are no stranger to the types of massage available and how it is done. This is because massage has been in existence for a very long period of time and has been evolving ever since then. Massage comes with a lot of benefits and this is why it will remain a strong activity now and in the future. For instance, you can use a massage therapy to relive stress, as a form a body treatment or even as a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Whatever the case, massage will continue to be loved by many.

There are a lot of massage therapies available today. Some of them are based on the type of massage to be given, the mode of the massage and even the location where the massage will be given. The most popular place where a lot of people go for massage is Massage centers or massage parlors as the case may be. In places like Madrid, there are a lot of massage centers that offer all kinds of massage services to customers. Some of these centers are big, some are moderate in size while some are small.

However, one important thing to note that top notch massage centers employ the services of professional massage therapists and not just anybody. Massage centers are open to all and in most cases, people can just walk in and get a massage or schedule an appointment with the center for quality massage.

In room massage Madrid

In Room Massage Madrid

When talking about types or forms of massage, it is important to note that there is a type of massage known as in room massage. However, the difference between this kind of massage and others may just be the location in which the massage is carried out. In most cases, an in-room massage is done in a private room of the client.

However, when talking about in-room massage, there is always a problem. The problem is that of perception. Due to the word, “in room”, there are people who mistake it as a massage where sex can happen. In other words, there are people who normally think it is just a cover up for massage mixed with sex. However, this is a wrong assumption because sex during an in room massage is not reasonable expectation.

There are people who think that because this massage happens in a private room, they can offer a massage therapists a tip to finish up with sex without the massage center knowing about it. This is not true because massage therapists are well trained professionals who offer massage services and follow the rules whether it is at a massage center, parlor or a hotel. For this reason, it is important that people realize that an in-room massage does not equate to massage that involves sexual contact or happy endings.

In fact, the same rules that apply at a professional massage center will also apply in an in-room massage service as boundaries are not expected to be crossed.

Inroom massage Madrid

What Actually Happens During In-Room Massage?

It is important to note that depending on the place where the massage will take place, a massage therapist involved in an in-room massage may have to come with some items to make the massage a success. There are some top hotels that incorporate massage suites that take care of an in-room massage. In this case, these hotels have already set up the required platform for the massage therapist to perform the in-room massage therapy.

However, if it is not the case, a massage therapist is expected to go with oils, sheet, massage tables and every other thing that makes the session worthwhile. During the in-room massage, the therapist will ask some questions to know the areas that they need to focus on. In this case, the massage therapist will allow for the privacy of the individual and this may mean that they give some space to the client to disrobe and get under the massage table. When the massage is done, they are also likely going to allow for some privacy for the client to put up their clothes again.

Reasons to Get an In-Room Massage

There is no doubt that sometimes a hotel may have their own massage area or spa where an in-room massage can happen. But then, there are people who would rather get the massage in the comfort of their own room than at any other place. In most cases, a greater percentage of people who fancy in room massage are always travelers who are on short time or people who may not want to go to a regular massage center. The advantage of in-room massage is that it can be available at any time of the day or even night when the regular massage centers may have closed for business.

For persons of interest like celebrities, an in-room massage is always the best as most celebrities do not want to mingle or been seen in places like massage centers where they may be seen by a lot of people who could have their pictures taken without their knowledge. For this reason, it is not out of place for celebrities to prefer an in-room massage instead of going to a massage center. What they can do is to contact the massage center and ensure that they get the nest massage therapist that would ensure total privacy.

Another set of people who would likely patronize in-room massage option is the politically exposed persons like top politicians and leaders. Make no mistake, everyone would like to enjoy massage at some point and political leaders or even religious leaders are not exempted. However, what matters to this class of people is that their privacy is well protected so that their bare body pictures will not find their way to the tabloids. For this set of people, an in-room massage is always the best option since it will be done in their private room.

Then there are also people who do not have the time to go to a massage center due to their tight schedule. To some people, their programs have been lined out in such a way that they cannot afford going to a center. Some are those who are not physically fit to go out but want to enjoy massage at the same time. It is important to remember that everyone deserves to be happy and if getting a massage is what makes some people happy, then it worth it even if they are disabled and cannot move from one point to another. In this case, an in-room massage will work best.

In room massage Madrid

Establishing Expectations for In-Room Massage

Due to the nature of the massage as it is done in a private room of the client, there may be a misconception of the intention of this kind of massage. Like mentioned earlier, some people think that in-room massage is a prelude to sex and get disappointed when it does not happen. There have been cases where there was a misunderstanding between the customer and the in-room massage therapist and it does not end well. For this reason, it is important to establish expectations to avoid getting the wrong message.

It is important to note that in-room massage is not designed for sexual conducts and there should not be any expectation for that. For top quality massage centers in Madrid like HotelMassag©, they have professional and well trained massage therapists available for in-room massage but at the same time play by the rules. This means that the massage is done with all levels of professionalism and there would not be anything more apart from what needs to be done. The boundaries are well respected and it is expected that both the massage therapist and the customer in an in-room massage respects it.

Preparing for an In-Room Massage

Before an in-room massage is done, there would always be a preparatory stage like every other type of massage. A good preparation will ensure that everything works as planned and the benefit of the massage is well harnessed. It is important to note that massage is a delicate process and any mistake could lead the receiver being turn off and the essence of the whole process will be defeated. Any massage no matter the type or location is expected to be enjoyed by the parties involved so everything must be put in place including those little details that may not count for nothing. The following are some things that could be done during the preparation of an in-room massage.

Knowing Different Massage techniques

Knowing the different massage therapies is very important as the client may decide to choose any of the available massage in an in-room massage. Therefore, before going for an in-room massage, it is important that the massage therapist is versed in a lot of massage techniques, understands what the customer wants and know exactly how he/she can make the receiver enjoy everything and every moment in the process. The good thing is that most massage centers in Madrid like HotelMassag© have well trained staff that are now experts in all kinds of massages. Therefore, no matter the kind of massage that will be involved in the in-room massage service, part of the preparation is that the masseuse involved understands the techniques and can actually figure out what the client wants to achieve.

In-room massage in Madrid

Getting the Right Massage Tools

Like every other type of massage, an in-room massage service also require the use of appropriate tools. Without getting the right tools, an in-room massage many not work as expected. One of the most important massage tools is the massage oil. The importance of massage oil cannot be overemphasized as it is the foundation of all massage therapies. However, it is important to get the right oil. The right massage oil is one that makes it easier for the hands to glide all over the body without causing any kind of friction and discomfort. Apart from massage oils, other items like towels, massage tables and others may be provided by the customer. In some cases, the massage therapist may have to bring it along to the place where the massage will take place

Right Environment

Even though, an in-room massage are done outside of a massage center and in a private room, it is important to ensure that the right environment is provided. The customer will have to prepare the right environment for the session to take place. The receiver should take time to make the room comfortable for the massage therapist that comes for the massage session. He or she should tidy the room, put some interesting perfumes and light some candles to make it worthwhile.

It is important to create the right mood and ensure that both the giver and the receiver enjoys the massage session. For instance, lighting candles could make the environment interesting. In addition, there may be a light music at the background that can also lighten the mood and prepare the therapist and the receiver for the session. At the end of the day, the right environment will contribute a lot to the success of the in-room massage.

Where to Find the Right Massage Therapists

If you want an in-room massage, it means that you find to find a massage therapist that would come to your room and give you the type of massage you would also get in a massage center. In Madrid, there are some massage centers that can provide qualified therapists that can come to your room and give you the type of massage you desire.

For instance, HotelMassag© offers in-room massage services to clients that wants to keep their privacy and do not want to come to the massage center for massage. You can find well trained and qualified therapists that can come to your room and give you a massage. It is important to note that these therapists respect boundaries and there would be no sex during the session.

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