Massage simply means the act of exacting pressure on the body tissues which can be the muscles. It can help or improve the blood flow in the body. In addition, it enhances the body relaxation and also helps to relieve the body stress. This is done when the massage therapist uses his or her hand to rub the body. Not just the hand, they also use feet, arm and knees. We have different types of massage which can be intense or gentle. Example include the Swedish massage which is majorly used to relax the muscle and allow free flow of blood because it is gently done.

Whereas deep massage requires intense pressure, this will help to treat tension of the muscle. Gentle strokes using the fingers and thumb are used to reach the interior layers of the muscles, unlike the Swedish styling.

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It is known that you can simply massage your neck, feet, hand, which can be done by self-massage. The best way to do the self-massage is to sit or lie down comfortably and use the lotion to rub the skin.

Another form of massage is the trigger massage which is not “gentle and comfortable”. In this type of massage, the specialist exerts more pressure too intense to the muscles by knotting. This is done continuously except if the muscles are relaxed, in most cases trigger point massage is done to redeem the muscles that are injured.

Massage can also be sensational like sensitive massage and in this type of massage, the therapist is only rubbing the part of the body produce great sensation. The aim of this massage is for making fun.

Benefits of receiving a massage to your hotel

Reasons for Hotel Massage

Having massage done in your residence is what most people prefer, especially if you are well prepared for the massage before the therapist visit. The question is why do we need to visit the Spa? or why do we need to invite the therapist to our residence for the hotel massage? However, some people prefer going to the Spa because it is an avenue to meet new friends. But there are some reasons for hotel massage, we are going to talk about it and also with the benefits of hotel massage.

Elderly people

The first reason why some people involved in hotel massage is because they are of age! It will be stressful for them going far to the massage center, especially if the massage center is far from their residence. Better still, they will invite the therapist to their comfort zone.

People with disabilities

Hotel massage is also good for those who have disabilities such as arthritis and any related disabilities are chronic. This may restrict them from going to Spa, the choice left is hotel massage.

Pregnant women

We all know that pregnant woman really needs to be stress-free! They prefer hotel massage rather than going to massage center before they can relax their muscles. However, a specialist is invited to the resident for the massage.

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Business Or Busy People

Some people are business personnel or busy fellow. They spend most of their time at work. The little time they have is when they come back from work, some will be stressed up and unable to go-to the massage center. Hence, the hotel massage becomes an option.

Benefits Of Receiving Massage In Your Room

The massage equipment such as linens, massage tables, lotions and music are required. However, your own part of the work is to provide the massage therapists with a space in your residence for setup and then start enjoying. Though, hotel massage is a little bit costly compared going to massage center. Nevertheless, you will really benefit more even than when you go-to the massage center. The benefits of hotel massage are:

No Driving Stress

Whenever you invit the Massage therapist to your hotel, don’t you know that you have already saved some stress of driving, most importantly the traffic congestion! Have you ever see yourself hooked up in a traffic? You will know what I am saying.

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It Prolongs The Relaxation Benefits

You can easily book an appointment with the therapist to visit you in the evening immediately after work. Hence, it prolongs your relaxation benefits as you properly schedule the time you set aside for relaxing.

Experience Deeper Relaxation

Have you ever notice that you feel more relaxed when you are in your comfort zone compared to when you are outside your residence. However, hotel massage really gives you the deeper relaxation that you deserve all because your sense organ is connected and you didn’t think of going back or travelling back home in the late hour. Therefore, you can benefit more when the massage is done at your residence especially when you receiving massage to relieve stress.

You Receive Your Complete Massage

Whenever you go-to the massage center you don’t receive the full 60mins massage, It is usually 50mins while the remaining 10mins is to arrange for the person. But, hotel massage will give you the opportunity to receive the full hour massage. In fact, the specialist or therapist usually add time as they can book additional time for clients when going for hotel service.

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You Save Yourself From Waiting

When you go to the massage center, you may have to wait for the next 50mins and 5-10mins to get prepared for the next clients. Instead of waiting, why can’t you invite the therapist to your hotel?

Whenever you invite the massage specialist to come to your residence for massage, it creates an avenue for them to know you better by seeing your wife, husband, kids or your family pictures. Hence, they are more familiar with you even more than just a client that need their service but as a family friend. This will make the therapist render quality massage even additional time to play with you. However, note that everything is done professionally and there is no explicit sex no matter the type of massage, even if it is a sensitive massage.